Frequently Asked Questions


What is Humbolt?

Great question!

Humbolt is a music streaming service that solely focuses on independent music. We partner and stream catalogs of independent artists and labels; nothing directly from Sony, Universal, or Warner Music Group.

We offer an a la carte model that allows fans to pay for the music they want rather than $9.99 for millions of songs they will never listen to

We focus on independent artists and label growth by providing the ability to stream catalogs and special content directly to their audience at a reasonable fee per month.

Simply put, our goal is to provide a platform that makes independent artists and labels more money.

Why should I use Humbolt?

You should use Humbolt if you value helping small businesses, are an ethiccal shopper, and favor supporting independent artists.

If you're active in crowdfunding, love music, and want to support musicianship. Humbolt is the only streaming platform that gives back more money to the creators themselves.

How is this better than...hmmmm...."Smurfify?

It's not a contest like the press will make it out to be but let your conscious be your guide.

We think we are more impactful to the independent music community than any other platform out there today and we hope that our business model helps shape other startups to reward their partners rather then squeeze them out.

Where is Humbolt Available?

United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and France on iOS and Android (comming soon)

Are you just another bunch of Silicon Valley types trying to get rich off of artists?

We will not be rich off Humbolt, unlike others, we give too much money back to our partners. We hope to make meaningful livings doing what we love while supporting an industry we value so much.

I have a indie record label. Can I use Humbolt?

Yes, of course! Please fiill out this form an introduce yourselves.

We currently have working relationships with AudioSalad, Fuga, and CI and are compatible with most digital distribution services.

We currently do not have an agreement with CD Baby, ADA, or Ditto Music. We recommend you go through Audio Salad.

I'm currently an unsigned artist. Can put my music on your service?

If you are an EDM artist you can sign up through our partner Terrabyte Studios

Right now we only provide invite only to unsigned artists. You can submit your information with labels HERE and we'll review your work and consider those on a case by case basis. We currently do not have an agreement with CD Baby or Ditto Music.

Is Madonna on Humbolt?


Is Metallica on Humbolt?

Technically, Metallica are their own indpendent music business, but no they are not on Humbolt

Jack White is on XL, is he on Humbolt?

XL is indeed an independnet label, however, Jack White's digital catalog is managed by Columbia/Sony, excluding him from an independent only streaming service. He can write songs specifically for his Humbolt channel if he waned to.

I am a independent distributor, how can we work together?

Yes! We'd love to partner with you and there are plenty of opportunities on Humbolt for distribution partners. Feel free to reach out to David at

What's wrong with Major Labels?

Nothing is wrong with them. There is a lot of great music published through major labels. We just perfer to put the spotlight on the smaller artists or labels that don't tend to have the mega marketing dollars and tend to be the tastemakers or trendsetters.

Can I find Humbolt in a Record Store?

No. I mean we go to record stores. But you can download Humbolt in your app store as you're walking to your local record store.

I don't see my question?

Send us your questions using the form below and we'll try to answer as many as possible - toodles!